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 Cyber Security Cloud Protection

Cyber security

Data security and defense from device to the cloud.

Cyber Security Cloud Protection:

Secure Cloud computing environment.

If you are looking to move to the cloud, Dimension3 Technology can help you. Our service provides a cloud security solution that protects your business IT infrastructure with cutting-edge protection. Cloud computing provides an easy way to establish and deploy your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Protection Features

Are you fully secure?


Regular scanning on devices in your network for malware.


Auto-Protection and automatic scans to check files entering the system.


Detection of potential risks in downloaded files from Global Intelligence Network.


Monitors and looks for compromised or suspicious behavior detecting emerging threats.


Intercepts and scans patterns corresponding network attacks or browser attacks.


Protects and blocks from malicious inbound and outbound network traffic on devices.

 Secure Data Protection

At Dimension3 Technology, we use an up to date advanced cloud computing platform that offers the best-cloud based applications and programs to secure your businesses data and allows limited access and visibility of your information, storing your data from your devices to the cloud securely, following the Australian Privacy Act. Providing data loss prevention, and superior threat protection, we look for up to date security solutions such as using hard-to-guess passwords, scanning external drives for viruses and malware and educating our clients for what to look out for with malicious mail and attachments from unknown sources. Cloud computing provides an easy way to establish and deploy your IT infrastructure from your networks, compute capacity, storage, and databases and can help you extend your existing infrastructure and deploy your applications and workloads in just minutes from anywhere and giving you the option to scale as you need to avoid guessing the capacity.

Advanced Cloud computing platform.

Data loss prevention.

Cloud-based applications.

Up-to-date cloud security solutions.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Cloud based central platform.

Delivering a comprehensive cloud management platform to manage multi-cloud environments, from traditional to container workloads and Managing all of your products from a single, cloud-based console. With capabilities to speed up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies and providing high levels and flexibility for developers and organizations while maintaining control.

Secure your data today!