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 Cyber Security Mobile Protection

Mobile security

Secure Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

Mobile Protection:

Mobile security technology.

Spend less time and effort to manage and secure your mobile endpoints and protect your business data easily with an integrated Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and security solution. Your mobile devices are endpoints and therefore vulnerable to threats, our experienced technicians can help you install and set up mobile security in no time.

UEM Features

Are you fully secure?


Full UEM side-by-side with endpoint, network, server security, unified, web-based admin interface.


Fast installation, full endpoint, network, and server security. Easy-to-use, unified, and web-based admin interface.


iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS, Configuration and policies, inventory and asset management, detailed reporting.


 Install, remove, and view apps. Enterprise app store, App control, whitelist/blacklist. Manage and configure Office 365 apps.


Email and document container, publish content, container-only management, native OS containerization.


Compliance rules and remediation. Malware, ransomware, PUAs Anti-phishing, Web protection and web filtering.

 Managed Mobile Device Security

By implementing a set of device management capabilities, containers, and market-leading encryption you can protect your personal or corporate-owned device, sensitive business email and documents without compromising your devices performance or battery life. Protecting and safeguarding your mobile device and your users from any malicious content and unwanted apps are key, with leading antivirus and ransomware protection and continuous device health monitoring. You and your users can save time and effort to manage and secure your mobile endpoints and work your way on any device with the managed secure endpoint, network, and server security management capabilities technology. With features that can be used to manage and configure the Office 365 apps on your mobile device, you can save time working from anywhere at any time.

Secure device management capabilities.

Personal and corporate device protection.

Continuous device health monitoring.

Leading antivirus and ransomware protection.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Centrally managed platform.

Have your mobile devices managed with a leading central platform, that has an easy-to-use, unified, and web-based admin interface and full Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) that’s side-by-side with your endpoint, network, and server security. You can get started in just minutes without needing any server installation, saving you time and money.


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