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 Cyber Security Monitoring

cybersecurity monitoring

Work faster and smarter with 24/7 monitoring.


IT infrastructure monitoring.

We can help you work smarter with advanced monitoring software so that you can have everything in your infrastructure from your web page, network, apps, servers, hardware and so much more monitored 24/7. The monitoring software has many included features with no hidden costs and no add-ons to fit into any budget and can grow with your business needs.

Monitoring Features

Are you fully secure?


10 built-in technologies, free push notifications, Adapted notification system, custom notifications, and schedule alerts.


All user and full featured web interface, (SPA) technology, enterprise console, iOS and Android Apps.


High-availability and failover tolerant monitoring, automatic failover handling, multiple points of presence monitoring.


Real-time maps, live status information, dashboard map designer, integrated network components, individualized map.


Multiple network monitoring, unlimited remote probes, central core installation, distribute monitoring load.


Specific monitoring data or configuration reports, export historic monitoring data, run reports on demand or schedule.

 Work Smarter

Monitoring your IT infrastructure enables your organization to run smoother and avoid any downtime, you can easily monitor everything in your infrastructure including LANs, WANs, servers, websites, applications and much more with an easy to use monitoring software tool so you can have peace of mind and get back to what you do best. At Dimension3 Technology, we work with a trusted and leading monitoring software, and our experienced tech team can help you get started with your installation and set up in no time whether in the cloud or on-premise. The simple-to-use unified monitoring tool, shows your complete network, systems, and applications in one single interface, provides 24/7 monitoring and specialized monitoring features such as in-depth reporting, flexible alerting, multiple user interfaces and so much more.

24/7 Monitoring.

Specialized monitoring features.

Cloud or on-premise hosting.

Easy to use monitoring tools.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Cloud Hosting.

If you want all the qualities of a great monitoring tool without having to maintain the system and manage the hosting yourself you can with a cloud-based monitoring software hosting. The cloud solution can be set up in a matter of minutes without any server installation or manual upgrades required and provides automatic software updates and flexible subscription pricing.

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