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 Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Penetration testing

Avoid network downtime, proactively identify cyber attacks and data breach vulnerabilities.


Applications, Network and Infrastructure security assessment.

At Dimension3 Technology we educate our customers on proactively protecting their organisation from any potential network, system or application attacks with implementing practices that comply with up to date government compliance regulations. Our experienced team can analyse, assess and identify any vulnerabilities, weaknesses or threats in your IT infrastructure with advanced vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Pen-Test Features

Are you fully secure?


Test mimics an attacker exploiting security weaknesses existing across multiple systems.


Custom web applications tests, standard applications and other system applications. 


Onsite wireless security test assessments of standard and corporate Wi-Fi networks infrastructure. 


Denial of Service (DoS) assessment, tests strength of infrastructure exploiting weakness in services or web applications.


Consultancy determining potential access and advanced attacks comprising organization security.


Conduct unauthentic and authentic scans for weakness with in-depth reporting to deliver security solutions.

 IT Infrastructure Protection

With today’s world-wide hacking evolving rapidly it is imperative for business no matter their size to protect their infrastructure. We offer a series of tests and security assessments that meet the government security compliance regulations, to identify and prioritise any threats or vulnerabilities in your system, application or network. Performing a penetration-test, proactively identifies which vulnerabilities are more critical, allowing your business to apply specific security measures and allocate security resources more effectively to avoid critical data loss, downtime and avoid the cost of recovery from any security breaches. We actively analyse your system for potential vulnerabilities, threats or attacks giving you a full audited report and identify whether from poor system configurations, technical countermeasures, hardware and software flaws and or operational weaknesses. By creating an environment to mimic potential attacks and active exploitation of security vulnerabilities, we can determine any potential risks and advise your business your options for needed security.

Advanced penetration and vulnerability tests.

Proactive security solutions.

Meet security compliance regulations.

Active regular analysis.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Business compliance requirements.

Queensland business owners have a legal obligation to secure and protect their data and the privacy of their customers’ information. Businesses must comply with the Queensland Government policy regulations by defining procedures for using and accessing IT data, systems, backing up data and data protection. By proactively addressing and identifying any potential cyber threats, attacks and data breach vulnerabilities with implementing Application security assessments, infrastructure security assessments and penetration testing with detailed audit reports can help your organization avoid any significant fines for non-compliance. 

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