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 Cyber Security Disaster Recovery

Mobile security

Data Protection and recovery for business IT infrastructure.


Protect and recover data.

We understand that downtime is not an option for busy organisations, our rapid recovery strategies are developed to avoid the loss of critical information and precious downtown for your business. We look at system components such as your computer hardware and software environment to strategically develop an IT disaster recovery plan that is customised to your business needs.

DRP Features

Are you fully secure?


Industry leading managed service, advanced implementation, strategies, testing and training.


Record individual calls or record all calls by default. Perfect for audio contracts and agreements.


Easily direct your callers to the right department though your IVR or virtual receptionist.


Implement hardware and software backup procedures, identify data, schedule and conduct backups.


Conduct regular Disaster Recovery testing. Full analysis of audit logs to determine test outcome.


Detailed schedule of activities, up to date plans and policies consistent with global standards.

 Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

At Dimension3 Technology we understand the impact of critical data loss or corruption from hardware failure, malware, hacking or human error, we focus on the importance of protecting your critical data, using effective solutions, back-ups and advanced technology to avoid any downtime for your organisation, customising a strategy plan best suited to your needs. Our senior technical team work, alongside you to prepare and establish a disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan to meet your unique operational requirements. We look at likely scenarios such as major outages to gain full recovery of your operations as fast as possible and use strategies that develop to restore your hardware, applications and data. 

Critical Data protection.

Advanced back-up implementation.

Customised Disaster Recovery Planning.

Fast full recovery of operations.

disaster recovery plan
Office 365 Business Hosting

Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

Protect your business and avoid major disasters to keep your company operating with a Business Continuity Planning (BCP). We use an industry leading managed service and develop a plan by conducting a business impact analysis to identify critical business functions and processes and implement recovery strategies, manage disruptions and compile a (BCP) with our experienced team, conducting ongoing training and testing to evaluate recovery strategies and your plan.

Protect your business today!