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 Cyber Security User Training

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Gain knowledge and protect your business.

Cyber Security User Training:

Security awareness user training.

At Dimension3 Technology, we aim to educate our customers on the importance of protecting their IT infrastructure and design a strategy for employees to have a better understanding of how to avoid common security threats. Our experienced Technical team can provide you and your employees with all the information and interactive training you need for your organization.

Cyber Security Training Features

Are you fully secure?


Prevents malware, non-malware threats and impostor emails. Cloud service or on-premises. Business continuity capabilities.


Data protection practices: Identifying personal information, privacy principles, security, responsibilities and reporting.


Internet identity protection. Unauthorized users access prevention. Management tool, authentication & updated software.


Up-to-date programs, Anti-virus and firewall software, secure data back-up and password protection.


Customised, up-to-date training with phishing threats, techniques, easy-to-use tools, and proactive solutions.


Compliance rules and remediation. Malware, ransomware, PUAs Anti-phishing. Web protection, web filtering.

 Proactive Security Training

Your employees are your greatest security risk, it all starts with educating your employees by creating a security awareness culture, to allow for privacy awareness best practices to be in place. Protecting your organization infrastructure is imperative with up-to-date training. We provide customised security training that focuses on security awareness, prevention measures and proactive solutions to protect everything from your data, email, passwords, website, mobile device and much more.

Proactive security training and solutions.

Creating a security awareness culture.

Educating employees.

Up-to-date and customised training.

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Custom Security Training

At Dimension3 Technology, we take the time to understand your business’s security needs and provide up-to-date training. We help you create a successful and innovated security education program to suit your staff, educating your employees on privacy awareness best practices and information security techniques and help you monitor your employee’s to ensure they are securely accessing your systems and data.

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