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E-Commerce Sales

ERP Sales

Build your E-commerce online store effortlessly.


Modern open source online store.

We can help build your E-commerce online store and create your website easily, managing your business from a single platform. With effective tools and functionalities that can be customised to fit your businesses online shop and improve your SEO to reach your targeted audience. Create full-featured product pages with up-selling and cross-selling options. The E-commerce app is integrated with your marketing mailing, major shipping carries and business apps to help maintain the efficiency of your operations.

E-Commerce Features

Integrating E-Commerce with your business


Design custom product pages with inline editing, drag and drop building blocks, product variant creator and more.


Boost sales with defining product categories, up-selling, promotional codes and abandoned cart marketing.


Access customer order, tracking and returns management history. Convert abandoned carts into orders.


Exceptional customer shopping experience with a easy search system, customer on-boarding, live chat and more.


Fully integrated payment methods, define shipping rules for postage fees, alerts carriers for fast delivery.


Compute delivery costs automatically, build chart of accounts with instant account updates after each sales.

 All In One Solution

This all in one solution is ready to use out of the box, getting your online marketplace up and running seamlessly in just minutes, with great usability and integration with other apps and tools. As your business grows so will your need to upgrade your E-commerce platform with other software’s, to maintain efficiency and your operations, this can be extremely expensive and complex to set up, but with our software each purchase is already synchronised with other apps managing your business from a single platform. The App offers easy to use features like drag and drop functionalities, ready to use templates and customisable building blocks, customisable full-featured product pages with call to action buttons, custom up-selling or cross-selling options to showcase other products. Use Search Engine Optimisation SEO tool to optimise your web pages to reach target audience. You can also add multiple payment methods without any additional integration or set up, send automated follow-ups on abandoned carts to boost conversion rates and increase your sales. Once an order is placed on your e-commerce the sale information is automatically logged into the other apps for example in the sales App the purchases are recorded into your sale reports and from the inventory App stock is tracked showing real-time reports on stock availability. Convert new clients into returning customers by using the integrated email marketing App, send automatic campaigns to your leads and customers without any importing customer contacts.

Out of the box all-in-one-solution.

Design custom full featured product pages.

Integrate with major shipping carriers for fast delivery.

Automate marketing campaigns to leads & customers.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Fully integrated E-Commerce solution.

With full integration with your stock operations and major shipping carriers, save time with instant automated alerts allowing for shipment operations and deliveries to be prepared fast and efficiently, with accurate postage calculations, labels and tracking. After each sale, the accounting App registers the purchase and updates your accounts ensuring accuracy and avoiding manual data entry or expand your customer database by integrating your items on eBay and Amazon. Integration is simple with our software App.

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