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 Expenses Manager

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Online expense management, everything you need in one place.


Employee expense management.

Dimension3 Technology understands how time-consuming manual tracking and maintaining of receipts, records and employees expenses can be. The Expense management module is integrated with your accounting and manages your sale teams and employee’s expenses efficiently, without the need to download any specific software to maintain your records. Access receipts and expense submissions from your Expenses dashboard, create, validate, or refuse directly through the app in just minutes.

Expenses Manager Features

Integrating Expense Management with your business


Submit employee draft expenses request, add notes, and upload receipts in minutes for fast approval.


Review employee requests and notes for either approval or denial. Have a choice to validate or refuse requests.


Upload pictures of receipts on the go, attach and send directly to a dedicated email for automated expense records.



Have a clear overview of your company and employee expenses statuses, separately or all at once.


Follow your team expenses. Manage create, validate, or refuse team member requests in just a click.


Save time and get everyone involved. Share the workload between employees, managers and accountants.

 Everything in one place.

The expense module has many features to save you time and manage your company expenses. With full integration with your accounting, you can keep your financial records organised allowing your accounting team to review with ease and add each expense as a line item to the customer invoice without any additional work from your accountant. Employees can record their expenditure by selecting either the company card or reimbursement option, uploading receipts for request easy submission and fast approvals. Sales managers can issue reimbursements to employee’s in just 2 clicks, manage costs from multiple companies and currencies for international contracts and OS franchises, syncing with your local head office. Easily submit expenses on the go, with mobile and device compatibility to automatically create an expense record instantly, attaching employees receipt pictures and sending directly to your dedicated email address. Review pending expenses, approve or deny charges and add a note to the employee if refused. Have a clear overview of the team’s expenditures with detailed reporting in real time with filter features to view in more depth. Everything you need in the one place.

Track expenses with in-depth reporting in real-time.

Reimburse employee's in just 2 clicks.

Employee expenditure submission for fast approval.

Organised and integrated financial recording.

Odoo Employees dashboardpng
Odoo Recruitment Dashboard

Full integrated expenses management.

The Expenses module can be linked to other applications to create a seamless workflow for a better management. The integration with your Employees app allows you to oversee employee records and maintain employees’ or team files and information. The project app, helps you manage your team, project forecasts and files, delegate tasks and monitor project steps. With the invoicing app, you can manage contracts, invoices and bill timesheets or simply track company vehicles, km logs, maintenance schedules, contracts all with the organised fleet management module.

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