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 Human Resources

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Track employee status, post online job offers and manage employee training.


All-in-one HR management.

We understand the importance for HR management to attract, develop and retain the right people for the job. The Human Resources module has an app for everything your HR team needs and streamlines your hiring process, from online job advertisements to managing employee information and training. With real-time status, communication and updates, everything is managed with a click of a button.

Human Resources Features

Integrating HR with your business


Create employee profiles, attaching documents, emails and employee information.


Keep track of employee’s status, job titles, contract types, dates and employee schedule.


Keep track of employee presence at work, manage employee holidays, leave, sick days and information.


Create weekly and monthly time-sheets, follow time spent on employee projects and attendance.


Join discussion groups, share files, chat in real time and follow employees and documents.


Reward employee performance, design challenges and goals with clear targets to drive employee engagement.

 HR Management

Centralise and manage your HR with effective Apps. Recruiting candidates is simple, post jobs on your integrated web page, customise, design, edit and publish job offer advertisements for candidates to apply by email or online through an easy to use Web form. Manage applicants using the simple drag and drop kanban interface and tools to organise applicants and communicate with your team. Connect resumes, documents, emails and scheduled meetings to applicant records. Oversee all information from each department from a glance, have dynamic reporting showing data like interview stages, source comparison or use filters to analyse your HR pipeline at a deeper level, restrict visibility if required. Drag and drop applicants through stages in the pipeline, drop eligible applicant’s into a contract proposal stage to finalise job offers with automated email, notifying applicant and allows applicant to accept, sign and submit online, linking the document to their application. Access employee information, time-sheets and leave notification, search through the Employee directory and check work status and attendance. With the software slides, you can add, edit and manage training courses and materials all in one place. Employees on-boarding or training can have access to training videos, information, power-points, and uploads. With social tools boost engagement and improve communication between employee’s, interacting in real-time with live chat.

Publish job offers on your integrated web page.

Oversee information from all departments at a glance.

Manage training course and materials all in one place.

Manage pipeline with drag and drop interface.

Odoo Employees dashboardpng
Odoo Recruitment Dashboard

Fully integrated HR management.

With full Integration and numerous features you can have your HR linked with other modules for accurate and effective management. Streamline your recruitment process, set-up appraisals to help your employee’s grow and evolve, manage leave requests or get a full overview of employee expenses and so much more. This software has everything your HR team needs.

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