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 Stock Inventory Management

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Maximise warehouse efficiency with online stock management.


Managing warehouse inventory online.

Maximise and improve your warehouse efficiency with our online warehouse management software. The software helps your company organise warehouse stock and internal operations. With double-entry inventory there is no stock input, output or transformation, allowing all stock to move between locations seamlessly.

Stock Inventory Features

Integrating Inventory management with your business


Fast delivery system delivering stock orders directly from your supplier to your customer.


Move products from different suppliers to a docking station, organise in a single shipment package to it’s final destination.


Manage multiple warehouse and inventory locations. Send and receive stock between internal and external warehouses.


Integration with major shipping carriers. Compute freight fees, print labels, order, track and manage deliveries.


Simple warehouse configuration with real-time data reports such as forecasts, traceability and costings.


Reorder with automated supply replenishment for efficient supply chain and better organised warehouse.

 Improve Performance

Dimension3 Technology can help your business improve the performance of your company warehouse operations. The unique stock inventory software manages your complex operations every step of the way and includes many features, such as double-entry management which uses the same solution as accounting systems, improving your supply chain and allows full traceability from your supplier to your customer. The automated fulfillment feature enables you to create re-ordering rules and adjust quantity thresholds to save time on the process and maintain your inventory levels, avoiding the need for manual adjustments. You can improve your stock inventory management with monitoring data capabilities with the software dashboard, giving you a visual overview of your warehouse operations and activities, and manage everything from your delivery orders, advanced routing to your inventory valuations and everything in-between. The easy to control inventory dashboard gives you a visual overview of all activities, managing your orders and products from a single location, also monitoring inventory sales, purchases in progress, traceability of all movement and gives you a clear visual view of foretasted quantities in a pivot or graph layout. This software is limitless in managing everything your company needs.


Manage warehouse operations with real-time reports.

Visual workflow with Custom designed dashboard.

Complete traceability of delivery activities.

Automate stock fulfillment creating reordering rules.

Odoo inventory dashboard
Odoo Barcode

Inventory Integration.

The stock inventory module connects with other business applications such as manufacturing, purchase, quality management and inventory sales which allows for full company manageability. Managing your deliveries with the software is easy, offering full integration with major shipping carriers so you can have access to instant delivery quotes, sending labels and package tracking. The system can also integrate with powerful API’s, integrating with 3PL (Third Party Logistics), Integrated hardware such as scales, scanners, RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and more.

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