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 Project Management Module

ERP Sales

Manage company projects with visual information and custom dashboards.


Agile project management.

Create and manage projects and plan project flows suitable for any company. Custom your workflow using unique custom designs, upload pictures, videos, and attachments. Create specific project stages with a easy drag & drop feature, grouping your task to the right step and keep an overview of your business workflow, status and performance. Communicate among your team using centralised communication channels, and VoIP. Simply schedule, share and follow tasks, setting alerts with real time activity notifications. The project management module has everything you need to manage your business.

Project Module Features

Integrating Project management with your business


Create and manage projects, delegate tasks, drag-&-drop on a timeline, group tasks by stages.


Track deadlines, timeline progress expected hours, effective hours, re-forecasts on tasks.


Customise or use predefined dashboard, advanced reporting, statistics, analyze and forecasts project performance.


Add time sheet entry according
to time, tasks or project per project user. Track time on projects.


Generate tasks based on sales orders or project templates. Create invoices based on time on tasks. Manage after sales.


Schedule, share and follow tasks, sync with calendar and email, Activity alerts and real time notification.

 Project Visual Management

Choose to use either a custom dashboard or use a predefined dashboard, that displays a visual workflow that is easy to read, increasing overall project efficiency with a variety of unique visual interfaces. Customise your dashboard uploading videos, images and links and create custom stages for each project, share filters and filter group functions with your project team and plan ahead by scheduling team tasks with estimate deadlines. View graphs to analyze your data including your sales and have access to advanced reporting and statistics. Analyze forecasts of project performance and compare task forecasts with real time sheets. Dimension3 Technology can guide your business to manage your projects effortlessly with this unique and professional project module.

Custom or predefined visual dashboard.

Generate projects and tasks in a custom workflow.

Share and follow project tasks with your team.

View and analyze project data and performance.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Project and analytic account integration

Generate tasks based on sales orders or automate your invoices based on time,tasks or create project templates and easily manage after sales. Manage your project after-sales or service requests by configuring a customised process in the kanban view. Compare sales graphs and view forecasts for estimated sales for individual projects. Simply have your project module connected to your accounts making it an easy integration.

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