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 Purchase Management

ERP Sales

Manage purchase orders and suppliers and improve your supply chain and inventory performance.


Improve company purchase management.

Have your company purchases managed easily with our integrated purchase management module. You can easily access product availability, prices and promotions directly from multiple suppliers and automate your purchase workflow from RfQs, purchase orders to forecast manufacturing orders. This software can help your company make smarter purchase decisions, saving you time and money.

Odoo Purchase dashboard

Purchase Features

Integrating Purchase management with your business


Import supplier price-lists and references, keep track of product availability and order status.


Configure single or multiple product quotations directly sent to suppliers’ either manually or set automatically.


Set procurement rules to manage stock levels and individualise product replenishment methods.


Get your voicemails sent directly to your e-mailbox allowing you to pick up any time on any device.


Create draft invoices for easy modification and manage and track future orders by upcoming invoice dates.


Accurate supplier statistics to view supplier performance, analyse forecasts and product availability.

 Managed Workflow

Improve your company purchase management and save time by automating your company workflow. With endless features you can connect and communicate directly with multiple suppliers to improve your supply chain and inventory performance. Send custom automatic RfQs (Requests for Quotations Supplier) for multiple items sent directly to your suppliers, Import supplier price-lists, access product availability and keep track of suppliers stock to get the best prices and promotions. Create products and define sale prices, specify accounting category, create sale conditions, add references, product variants and specify products storage location. Set up procurement rules to automatically order items and select different replenishment methods and keep track of your stock and control future orders and have multi-company set-up to reconcile transactions automatically. With accurate statistics you can monitor your suppliers’ performance and inventory forecasts to efficiently manage your orders and share filters with your team.

Automate company purchase and inventory workflow.

Import price-list directly from your suppliers'.

Handle products, define sale prices and conditions.

Set up procurement rules, saving time on new orders.

Odoo Purchase dashboard
Odoo Purchase Analysis

Purchase integration.

Have your purchase workflow operations run seamlessly, integrating with other business applications such as sales, accounting, and inventory. Have your system convert data and manage your company operations. Integrate purchases with your analytic accounting to analyse contract profitability and accurate accounting, synchronise your stock based on purchases and create automatic replenishment rules or simply avoid double entry and have purchase orders converted into a supplier invoice it is that easy with our software business application integration.

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