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ERP Sales Module

ERP Sales

Your online sales from proposal to e-Signature.


Your online sales from proposal to e-Signature.

With complete customisation and integration the ERP sales module manages your sales from draft quotations to the final invoice. The ERP Sales, manages the full sales workflow for you, making it a efficient and faster way to work. Closing opportunities is easy by selecting predefined products, proposing extra options, accessories, apply closing triggers and discounts, all to fit your customer’s needs. Your customer’s can quickly view and electronically sign their online quotation from anywhere making it a fast and effective sale also with easy payment integration with PayPal and other e-Payment solutions.

Sales Module Features

Integrating Sales with your business


Customisable formats and branding of quotations and sales orders with multiple Templates.


Easy to configure quotation templates adding automatic attachments to your email.


Convert customer quotations into sales orders in no time with a simple electronic signature.


Fully integrated electronic signature solution, submit signature requests in seconds.


Up-sell, Add and modify suggested products allowing customers to add to their order.


Deliver directly from stock, Set to default for a one-step operation, configure direct shipments.

 Order & Contract Management

Customise sales quotations and contracts to adapt your sales offer to fit your customer’s needs, adding individual products and services that is directly sent to your customer’s electronically, allowing for your customer to view and sign from anywhere at any time and convert your quotations into a sales order in a fast and effective manner, increasing your sales volume. You can track and view your sales orders and contracts using bar graphs and pie diagrams to display the stages of individual sales and have an in-depth report of sales and contract history including all transactions and communications. Filter your reports by salespeople, department, product category or month to provide complete traceability of customer sales operations and maintain renewal, opportunities and manage subscriptions with recurring contracts. You can create a sales contract automatically when a customer electronically approves the sales order and prints in PDF format, it’s that simple. 

Create recurring invoices from a contract based on the contract period configuration.

Create recurring sales orders and customer contracts.

Track and view your sales and contract communication and transaction history.

Send sales orders and contracts electronically for fast approval.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Full integration with MYOB, XERO and others.

Dimension3 Technology can import and consolidate your businesses critical data. MYOB integration is easy by working around the product with an implementation of standards and automatically exporting your accounting data. XERO integration is done by using a new module developed to sync with our openERP accounting software and Importing your Chart of Accounts saving the hassle of converting it manually.

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