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Fully integrated out of the box easy to use enterprise website.


Custom designed websites.

The out of the box integrated website solution allows for easy customisation to have any design suited to your industry. Save time and money with easy to use customisation tools and features to build your professional website and improve your SEO and organic traffic with built in keywords suggestions and meta tag tool. Our website system has a fully integrated marketing stack from Google, social media, email, e-commerce sales and much more.

Website Builder Features

Integrating Websites with your business


Online store integration. E-commerce and event ticketing directly linking to your accounts, sales and shipping.


Word processor text editing and WYSIWYG editor. Change, add or edit content directly from the front-end.


Integrate company marketing with lead Acquisition and tracking, Instant live chat, campaign mass mailing and SEO.


Integrate other business features from E-commerce, CRM, HR, Sales, Events, Blogs, Live chat and newsletters.


Fully integrated from mail statistics, email acquisitions to mass mailing. Track between mails, website and orders.


Easy to use customisation features and tools: Design templates, ready to use themes, Drag & drop building blocks.

 Professional CMS

At Dimension3 Technology, we understand the need for businesses to have a professional website that can be easily customised. The website builder is equipped with many tools, choose from a catalog of ready to use themes or create your own templates, add content through the front-end with word processor experience and SEO optimization, drag-drop business features at any stage as you grow such as e-commerce, events etc and view site with a fluid grid layout to correspond with different devices. The business software applications integrate with your website making it a seamless process from online shopping, e-commerce and event ticketing, linking directly to your accounts: sales, payments, automatic billing, shipping and more. Your website visitors can directly communicate through live pop up messaging or email you instantly all within the site. Share your blogs and pages through social media and email newsletters with the ability to track visitors from either inside or outside of your website. Measure your marketing campaign performance by adding a tracking code to your URL that can turn your visitors into opportunities, collecting information and sending notifications to your CRM on visited key pages. If you are looking for an out of the box website that works directly with your business needs than this is for you.

Out of the box website solution.

Fully integrated and full customisation.

Link and tracking marketing campaigns.

Instant and direct live communications.

Office 365 Services
Office 365 Business Hosting

Fully integrated website.

Our web content management system (WCMS) is fully integrated with other business applications such as E-commerce, Sales, Human resource, CRM, Blog, Live chat, email, and newsletters. Turn your site visitors into customers with our fully integrated marketing stack, starting with the SEO tools, integrating with google analytics analysing content relevancy in real time, add call to action to boost conversion rates, customise forms, add pop-ups on exits, and fine-tune newsletter subscriptions that connect’s directly to your CRM. Launch A/B testing campaign integration to measure the impact on leads and opportunities, revenue, and conversion rates without any configurations.

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