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 IT Security Assessment

cybersecurity monitoring

Comprehensive risk assessment and cost-effective cyber security framework.


Sophisticated Security Risk Assessment.

At Dimension3 Technology, we are aware of continuous and evolving cyber threats towards IT security, we provide businesses with a sophisticated information security assessment, examining any potential or existing security threats that could penetrate your organization’s existing security defenses and devise strategies to stop them in their tracks and look for ways to continuously detect, monitor and protect organizations IT infrastructure.

IT Security Assessment Features

Are you fully secure?


Secure Operating Environment, Software application installation, maintaining consistent reliability & performance.


Expose password weakness. Protect network from password exploitation & consequent system infiltration.


Test strength, exploit and identify vulnerabilities within applications, infrastructure and business processes.


Evaluate influences of vital business assets, vulnerabilities and security threats. Implement security services & processes.


Compliance reports, custom and automated audit reports. Full audit trail of firewall changes and approval processes.


Detailed security plan, protecting equipment, resources, and assets. Access control, surveillance, and security testing.

 Sophisticated Security Assessment

At Dimension3 Technology our comprehensive information security assessment requires our expertise and broader knowledge in the latest threats and security measures, to manage our clients’ information security assessment successfully, we Identify critical information and system assets, develop and implement protection procedures, address any gaps, manage risk mitigation and allocate resources for the best protection and strategies that align with our clients’ business goals and budget. We take the time to evaluate existing programs and develop a roadmap to allow security initiatives to mature and determine the effectiveness of the current security environment, recommending any potential improvements along the way.


Comprehensive information security assessment.

Evaluate existing security environment.

Implement protection procedures.

Aligned budget and business goals.

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Office 365 Business Hosting

Business compliance requirements.

Businesses must comply with the Queensland Government policy regulations by defining procedures for using and accessing IT data, systems, backing up data and data protection by pertaining to minimum security control requirements. By proactively addressing and identifying any potential cyber threats, attacks and data breach vulnerabilities with implementing Application security assessments, infrastructure security assessments and penetration testing with detailed audit reports can help your organization avoid any significant fines for non-compliance.

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