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 Logo Brand Design

Logo Brand Design

Creative, unique and professional designs.


Creative building and rebuilding brands.

Dimension3 Technology’s Brand and Logo design team can help your business build or rebuild your brand. Using unique creations and tools to distinguish and build every aspect of your company’s identity. Our experienced team will work with you so you are in control of the final product.

Logo Brand Features

Designing your brand’s identity


Brand without words, designed using image or symbol identified organizations through a symbol alone.


Business name text logo name. Design to fit brand and focus on recognition and awareness for new businesses.


Design flexibility with company name and incorporating an image or symbol to set your brand apart.


Incorporating both text and an icon or symbol designing with clear and visible text inside the symbol.


Initial or monogram-style logos. Form abbreviation to simplify long company names and create stylized font.


Colour choice preference of targeted audiences. Understanding marketing colour psychology.

 Professional Logo Brand Designs

Our experienced logo designers understand the depth of building customised brands that best represent the individual business and its personality. We strive to build unique, modern and affordable brands and logo designs to help businesses establish a competitive position in today’s market. Whether it is an illustrative logo for small organisations or charity or for a professional logo for a corporate entity, we cover a wide range of industries and sectors. Our design team communicates and walks our client’s through every step of the process to ensure a successful result.

Building unique, modern and affordable logo's.

Experienced design team.

Communication through every step of the process.

Brands and logo's to best represent company identity.

Design and Build websites
Odoo social marketing

Social media branding

Social media is turning out to be one of the most effective brand marketing tools today, our design team can craft elements and unique logos to ensure your businesses brand identity is uniquely distinctive and memorable. With clever visual representation that is designed specifically to suit different media that will help connect you to your targeted market in the most optimal way.

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