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 MRP Manufacturing

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All in one material requirements planning solution.


Reinvented manufacturing solution.

The MRP manufacturing module has everything you need all in a single software. Have your operations running smoothly, integrating with other modules to manage your manufacturing production. The MRP module has features like automated manufacturing and production ordering and recording, production scheduling, real-time reporting, quality control and alerts and so much more.

MRP Manufacturing Features

Integrating MRP with your business


Manage Work orders, repairs, manufacturing orders, launch production of products into assembly.


Plan manufacturing, organize work orders, manage bill of materials and schedule workcenter Capacity.


Create multi-level bills of materials, create optional routings for work orders, and add configurable version changes.


Track changes with different versions of products, ECO’s & documents. Store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials.


Set tablets, record production, display worksheets & instructions, define multiple work order steps and create quality alerts.


Trigger preventive and corrective maintenance, Schedule maintenance operations and have statistics computed.

 Manufacturing Management

The average manufacture can use up to ten different applications to manage their business making it time consuming and expensive to have different software integration’s. The MRP manufacturing module is an out of the box solution, having all your business application integrated into the one software. You can have your employees communicating across all departments, plan your manufacturing orders automatically by using the master production schedule with minimum stock and make to order rules. The MRP module allows you to prioritise and schedule your manufacturing orders once created by using the Gantt chart and the capacity adjustment report. The master production schedule automatically creates manufacturing orders based on demand forecasts, stock on hand and indirect demand, also allowing for the automated schedules to be adjusted manually if required. Employees can use tablets on the shop floor to record production, check worksheets, track time and give access to all the information they need. Employees can also review current production worksheets and messages and have their work time automatically recorded, flagging any incorrect orders manually for quality control and manufacturing alerts and so much more.

All in one integrated manufacturing management.

Dynamic real-time reporting.

Automate, prioritise & schedule manufacturing orders.

Record production, time-sheets and worksheets.

Odoo Manufacturing Module
Odoo Recruitment Dashboard

All in one MRP manufacturing module.

The MRP module is an all in one software solutions that integrates with your Quality, maintenance, PLM, inventory, procurement, purchases and accounting apps. You can automated fulfillment maintaining accurate inventory levels, manage engineering changes, plan preventive maintenance and define quality control points to trigger alerts and also keep track of stock, orders and invoicing. 

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