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 Website Design

Man designing a web page

Fully integrated and professional designed.


Custom website designs.

Dimension3 Technology can help you design a custom website best suited to your industry. Save time and money with an out of the box integrated website solution, allowing for easy customisation with tools and features to create and build professionally designed web pages that integrate with Google, social media, email and E-Commerce.

Website Design Features

Designing your online presence


Drag & drop features, pre-made or fully customisable building blocks.


Customise designs or select from a catalog of ready to use themes and templates.


Word processor, text editing and WYSIWYG editor directly from the front-end.


Automatic adjustments and tools to create and fit brand and style guidelines.


Click and change content and features editing directly from front-end.


Integrated marketing stack, customise marketing, campaign mailing and SEO.

 Build Professional Websites

Our affordable, flexible and professional content management system (CMS) caters to any website no matter the industry. We offer integrated website designs that are easily customised, at just a click of a button in real-time. There are easy to use tools and functions to create professional web page designs that allow web pages to be designed from scratch or from a choice of a collection of themes and templates. Build and develop web pages with fast and intuitive front-end customisation, using drag and drop building blocks and text content editing and creation. Create a dynamic layout to correspond with the devices on which the website is displayed and share your custom blogs and newsletters integrating with your social media networks or design and create your online shop integrating your E-Commerce application.

Fully integrated and complete customisation.

Out of the box web designs and templates.

Real-time editing with front-end editing.

Easy to use features and tools.

Odoo website builder
Odoo website builder

Full integrated websites.

Our web content management system (CMS) is fully integrated with other applications, with easy to use SEO tools that integrate with google analytics in real time. You can integrate your E-Commerce and design and customise your online shop. Create and design Blogs and newsletters linking directly to your website and so much more.

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