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 Email Marketing

Email marketing on a laptop

Design, build and manage marketing campaigns.


Managed Marketing Campaigns.

Build and structure professional email campaigns and newsletters from scratch or select from pre-made building blocks, themes, and templates. Take control over your email content and layout, and send your campaigns to leads and customers all within your database with real-time statistics on every email sent out.

Email Marketing Features

Marketing your online presence


Select pre-made building blocks, structure emails with insert headers and footers, calls-to-action, images, links and snippets.


Import contacts to the software, importing from any comma-separated values (CSV) file and document.


Segment subscribers, assign several mailing lists. Select customers, leads or opportunities as recipients of campaigns.


View optimal display on any device, Track undelivered emails, Setup several email servers optimize open rates.


Add tracking codes to links within email campaigns and view performance for each campaign.


Create Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Get real time statistics on email performance.

 Managed Campaigns

Have your business craft professional email marketing effortlessly and take full control over every aspect of your email campaigns, with this intuitive and easy-to-use software. With advanced features, you can take complete control of your designs, either build and create custom newsletters from scratch or select from a catalog of pre-made themes and templates, use drag and drop building blocks and enhance content quality with titles, calls-to-action, social media buttons, images, links, snippets and more. You can easily import your contacts and create customised mailing lists adding your prospects and customers. Send instantly or schedule emails for a specific delivery date and time. Easily track your opened, bounced or click-through rate, and be notified on undelivered emails to improve your marketing strategy.

Easy to use building blocks.

Select pre-made or custom themes and templates.

Create customised mailing lists.

View real time statistics on emails performance.

Odoo email marketing
Odoo Link tracker

Fully integrated email marketing.

The email marketing software can integrate with other applications for a seamless workflow. You can have your CRM integrated to allow you to follow opportunities and revenues generated from your emails, have your Lead Automation app to develop elaborate and advanced marketing campaigns aimed towards your prospects and integrate your Events app, creating email campaigns, engaging customers or encouraging leads to attend your promotional events.

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